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Geoff Fitzpatrick

Scott Onstott

Scott is the author of two dozen books, has taught over a thousand students face-to-face, and his courses have millions of views worldwide.

In 2010 he created the documentary series, Secrets in Plain Sight, on patterns in art, architecture, urban design & the cosmos. This has received with millions of views on multiple platforms and has become a classic for all those interested in Sacred Geometry on YouTube and Gaia.

Scott also offers an app called Q (which standards for Qualia), a Sacred Geometry drawing app for Windows & MacOS. He also produces Sacred Geometry Courses using both traditional media and digital apps.

Scott has also written and illustrated eight books on Sacred Geometry, Architecture, Art, and Consciousness.

He designed, hand-assembles and ships out elegant golden ratio calipers which help people discover and encode this beautiful proportion in the world and in things they create. Scott has a technical mind and this website, and all of its design and motion graphics are his doing.

Geoff Fitzpatrick

Geoff was introduced to Mandalas whilst studying the pioneering work of Carl G Jung and has spent the past 20 years exploring the intersection of geometry, spirituality and psychology through these symbols.

Working with Mandalas has opened Geoff to the profound power Sacred Geometry possesses to influence states of consciousness.

The construction of sacred sand mandalas during Geoff’s Mandalanature© sessions opens people to a deeper aspect of themselves by blending creativity, geometry, and mindfulness in a unique and special way.

In addition to his studies at Trinity College and the Milltown Institute, Geoff has trained with Dr. Stanislav Grof MD, learning a psychotherapeutic technique called Holotropic Breathwork.

Dr. Grof’s cartography of the psyche informs the Manalanature model. Geoff combines his love of Mandalas, Consciousness, and Sacred Geometry to form a unique offering.
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