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We are building a community of people who love sacred geometry. Find your tribe and share your voice.
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Timeless universal language

Sacred Geometry is a timeless universal language that reveals the underlying patterns of existence. By subscribing to Sacred Geometry Academy, you'll gain deep insights into these cosmic blueprints, opening up a transformative journey of interconnectedness between your inner consciousness and the external world.

A unique journey into the mystery of existence

For those who seek a profound understanding of the universe and their place within it, Sacred Geometry Academy is exactly what you've been searching for. Whether you're drawn to the transformative power of mandalas and sacred patterns or yearn for a blend of philosophical insights and transformative experiences, we offer a unique journey into the mystery of existence.
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Access the vast reservoir of wisdom within

Three years ago, when we founded Sacred Geometry Academy, we anticipated leading the sessions as teachers.

However, a silent revolution has been unfolding before our eyes. We've come to realize that the participants themselves are vast reservoirs of wisdom, each bringing their unique experiences and insights.

While our initial intention was to teach, we've been profoundly humbled and enriched by the incredible individuals we've met along the way.

We've witnessed a movement of countless individuals passionately exploring the field of sacred geometry on their own terms. Each person on this path acts as a unique node on a dynamically evolving grid.

Our aim with this membership invitation is not just to teach but to unite this global tribe of sacred geometry enthusiasts.

What people are saying

We are heartened by the testimonials from our participants who often express transformative experiences. This consistent feedback underscores the profound impact of our teachings. The personal journeys of Geoff and Scott serve as living testimonies. Our lives, shaped and transformed by these principles, offer tangible evidence of the power of this knowledge. Secrets are hidden in plain sight throughout the universe. From galaxies to the sacred geometries in every atom, these patterns reveal the profound interconnectedness of all things.
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membership offers a comprehensive experience

Live Sessions Every Other Week

Our tribe is distributed all over the world. To reach the most in the Americas and Europe we meet from 8:00 - 9:30 PM coordinated universal time (UTC) | 1-2:30 PM PDT. Apologies to those where this hour is late.
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Membership benefits include

As a subscriber, you're invited to two live sessions each month. Simply access these through our Zoom course portal. The content of these sessions varies, and they can be categorized into five broad types:

1. Immersive sacred geometry sessions

Immersive sacred geometry sessions use an innovative real-time interface we developed that combines an iPad, Apple Pencil, and iPhone camera, effectively transforming them into his transparent digital drawing board. This setup allows participants to smoothly replicate the intricate patterns shown step-by-step at home using traditional tools like pencil, paper, compass, and ruler. As attendees bring these designs to life on their pages, we enrich the experience with his philosophical musings, deepening the sense of awe and reverence for the mysteries they're uncovering.
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2. Transformative journey with mandalas

We delve deep into his transformative journey with mandalas, revealing how these intricate geometric designs reshaped his understanding of the interconnectedness of external experiences and inner consciousness. Grounded in his decades-long exploration and craftsmanship, from traditional Tibetan techniques to grand group mandalas crafted in diverse settings, we bring to light the profound impact and depth these symbols have added to his life and the lives of many others in his talks, slideshows, and time-lapse videos.

3. Illustrated philosophical teachings

Philosophical teachings are accompanied by meticulously curated slideshows, where attendees are treated to a whole-brained experience: the left brain engages with insightful lectures, while the right brain is captivated by stunning infographics, the culmination of two decades of research into the enigmatic patterns in art, architecture, urban design, and the cosmos. Each lecture delves into specific themes, from the proportions of flowers to architectural wonders to the celestial patterns of our solar system and the divine proportions of the human form.
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4. Live Q&A sessions and collective wisdom

Our live Q&A sessions at Sacred Geometry Academy serve as a beacon in the vast ocean of individual quests, offering students a transformative platform not just to seek answers, but to share and illuminate their personal journeys. In this communal space, participants find resonance, being both the listener and the storyteller, turning the traditional student-teacher dynamic on its head. It's more than just an exchange of knowledge; it's a celebration of collective wisdom, a coming together of souls echoing the same cosmic melodies, and a testament to the profound unity found in shared exploration.

5. Mandala meditations with inspiring sights and sounds

In our distinctive Mandala Meditation sessions, participants embark on an unmatched introspective voyage, enriched by captivating sacred geometry motion graphics and evocative soundscapes. Your host's soothing guidance, honed over two decades of hosting in-person workshops seamlessly magnifies the overall effect. These sessions create a unique opening for personal growth and transpersonal evolution.
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Community Forum

Our website features a Forum section, acting as a private social platform for open discussions and private sharing. Here, you can exchange insights and receive feedback from Geoff and Scott and fellow participants.

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Plus you get these amazing Bonuses!

To further enrich your learning, you'll have access to three detailed prerecorded courses on sacred geometry. These allow you to delve into the subject at your own convenience and pace.

Squaring the Circle
Prerecorded Workshop

This workshop explores Squaring the Circle, an ancient philosophical conundrum that intrigues geometers. The purpose is to reconcile the circle and square and the human soul's quest for meaning, and includes an active exercise to connect with yourself at a deep level.

$197 value

Sacred Geometry of 7 Prerecorded Workshop

Participants will construct a 7-sided polygon and discover its significance in various fields such as astrology, ancient templates, music, human consciousness, and more. The workshop also explores the connection between the body's energy centers and architectural temples.

$197 value

The Sri Yantra Prerecorded Workshop

This workshop focuses on the Sri Yantra, a geometric archetype from Tantra. It acts as a map of the macrocosm outside and the microcosm inside the individual. Themes include the numbering system, earthly gates, the Bindu, and the dance of Shiva and Shakti. Learn to draw this complex form.
$197 value

Our mission and our moment

Members of the Sacred Geometry Academy community have been positive about their transformative experiences. Many share stories of how sacred geometry has inspired them to embark on individual creative projects, ranging from intricate artwork, to building projects, to profound philosophical writings. There's a palpable sense of unity, with our subscribers. They highlight the ripple effect – how a shared passion for sacred geometry has led to meaningful connections, collaborations, and a vibrant community that thrives on mutual inspiration and support..
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Now is a pivotal moment in the silent revolution of sacred geometry. We're witnessing the birth of a tribe, a movement that's rapidly gaining momentum. By joining now, you have the opportunity to catch this wave as it is growing. Everywhere, individuals are blossoming, opening up like flowers to the profound insights and connections that sacred geometry offers.
For too long, we've wandered solo, adrift on life's vast ocean, yearning for deeper meaning. In a world where the news cycle often feels disconnected from our individual journeys, we've been blessed with personal upgrades and profound insights that have enriched our lives. While individually we've soared to new heights, propelled by these revelations, there's also a certain kind of aloneness that goes with this experience. When we find others who truly see as we do, who resonate with the same cosmic melodies, the experience is magnified. In the act of sharing, in the sacred space of being truly witnessed, and in the privilege of bearing witness for others, we find not just understanding, but a unity of spirit and purpose.
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But now, we have the chance to rise together, forming a distributed tribe. By immersing ourselves in the academy, we can tune into the patterns of order that have always been right before our eyes, hidden in plain sight. And in doing so, we inspire others, amplifying the impact and resonance of this movement. Don't miss out on being part of this transformative journey. The opportunity to engage with experts like Scott Onstott and Geoff Fitzpatrick is unique. Subscribe now to ensure your place in this transformative journey into the mysteries of sacred geometry.

Answers to Common Questions

How do I subscribe?

Click the Subscribe Now button at the top or bottom of this page. Enter your payment details and you're in!

How do I access subscription content?

Immediately after subscribing, your account is enrolled in all the courses included in the membership. To access, make sure you are logged in, and go to Me > My Courses. This page lists all the courses you are enrolled in. Click a course its course interface opens up.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in to this site, and then open the Me > My Account menu. On the Account page you will see a Cancel Subscription button. Click this, and your subscription will be scheduled for cancellation at the end of the current billing cycle. Your billing period is defined by the date of when you subscribed. 

How can I resubscribe?

If you wish to resubscribe before the end of the last billing cycle in which you were a subscriber, go to the Me > Accounts page and click the Re-Subscribe button. If you wish to resubscribe after the billing cycle in which you cancelled, you can subscribe just like you did initially, by clicking the Subscribe Now button on the main subscription page—not the Accounts page.

Can I get a refund on a subscription?

Sorry, there are no refunds on subscriptions. However, you can cancel or resubscribe at any time. 

What happens to my course access if I cancel?

Your access to the four included courses continues as long as you maintain your monthly membership. The live "Zoom session" course is available only through this subscription. Our courses are also available without expiration if purchased individually - see the Courses page.

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Find your tribe and share your voice.
Price in USD due to its widespread recognition and ease of conversion for global customers
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