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Digital m-Book Collection

Get all Scott Onstott's digital m-books in this bundle including audiobooks, videobooks, and ebooks. 
Paperbacks and hardcovers are not included in the collection, but these are available separately on amazon for those who prefer the traditional book experience.
Includes community access to discuss content with the author and other readers.

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author & co-Founder

Scott Onstott

Scott has taught thousands of students in person and millions online in his career. These experiences, combined with co-hosting workshops where we support concentration, contemplation, and meditation, plus sharing circles—gave him a deep appreciation for the fact that each person can best be reached by varying modes of attention. From these transpersonal experiences, and his experience in building the courseware at SGA, the possibility for a multidimensional book arose.
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Patrick Jones - Course author

Digital m-Book Collection

Get 6 of Scott Onstott's digital m-books in this bundle including all their audiobooks, videobooks, and ebooks.
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