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Dyad m-Books

Includes two m-Books:  Taking Measure: Explorations in Number, Architecture & Consciousness, plus Sacred Geometry: Philosophy & Worldview, Scott Onstott's alpha and omega books (first & the most recent). Trace his evolution to discover a revolution in thinking.

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Our exclusive multidimensional book — the m-Book© — supports you by including many ways to experience and discuss the author's content, all in one course. Each m-Book experience includes:
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m-Books support your multidimensional life with many ways to interact!

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What's included?

  • 2 paperbacks w/ free shipping
  • PDF and EPUB e-Books
  • Online & MP3 audiobooks
  • 9.7 hrs streaming videos in all
  • Community discussions
  • 1 year access to online features

Sacred Geometry

An integration of the spiritual teachings of non-dualism, transpersonal psychology, and a fascinating new theory of mind, Scott Onstott explores how and why the qualitative experience of geometry feels sacred.

Taking Measure

Taking Measure reveals patterns emergent in our universe from quantum to astronomic scales. Spatial and temporal codes appear in unexpected places, from our units of measure to the relationships between celestial bodies. This book also engages with the invisible world, including the question of consciousness.
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Dyad m-Books

Includes two m-Books: Sacred Geometry: Philosophy & Worldview plus Taking Measure: Explorations in Number, Architecture & Consciousness.

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If you are at home and have a favorite chair and reading light, maybe you want the traditional analog paperback experience.

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If you enjoy learning by watching, the Video chapter where the author reads the book to you is a very compelling new experience we haven't seen authors offer online before.

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Meet the author

Scott Onstott

Scott Onstott has taught thousands of students in person and millions online in his career. Scott enjoys teaching all levels and all ages. He looks forward to sharing his love of sacred geometry with all participants for the purpose of personal development.
Patrick Jones - Course author


Dyad m-Books

Includes two m-Books: Sacred Geometry: Philosophy & Worldview plus Taking Measure: Explorations in Number, Architecture & Consciousness.
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