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Secrets In Plain Sight
Documentary Series

Debuting in 2010, this intriguing documentary series has attracted millions of viewers on YouTube and Gaia TV. 

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Volume 1 & Volume 2 Films

More than 5 hours of video navigable in smaller segments

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Includes infographics and art not shown in the videos

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Many viewers report learning new things on each viewing
geometric PATTERNS IN Art, architecture, cities & the cosmos

What is this series about?

Secrets in Plain Sight is an awe inspiring exploration of great art, architecture, and urban design which skillfully unveils an unlikely intersection of geometry, politics, numerical philosophy, religious mysticism, new physics, music, astronomy and world history. 

Scott highlights many uncanny patterns and sacred geometries which mean many things to many different people. Do these geometries suggest coincidence, conspiracy, consciousness and/or providence at play? It will get you thinking — dive in yourself!
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Viewers Love SIPS  

You have pulled together things that I only vaguely or intuitively understood. Stuff that it has taken years to pull into rational awareness. This is Academy Award level scholarship. The math understanding is very good too as it helps with making rational the occult that is encoded without going into the fear mongering that is done by the more well known alternative film makers. 
John F Donohue
Splendid work, you blew my mind too many times to count. I would rank this up there with Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, Clark’s Civilization, Campbell’s Power of Myth, and The Ascent of Man as one of the greatest documentaries ever in terms of import and understanding reality.
Patriot Report
You should win an award for the video; its a fine piece of work. I will watch it again and again, I’m sure, so as to remind myself of certain connecting aspects – especially the way the numbers and the different measuring systems all relate to each other. You’ve done a grand job in presenting many of the elements of these Gnostic mysteries...I would especially like to express my own work in such a way, so well done!!
I just wanted to say that your documentary is the BEST one so far. There have been certain documentaries over the past 10 years that have helped awaken people’s minds...The great thing about your doc is that there is no DRAMA, there is no SPIN. You present the work and you don’t give OPINIONS or Create Drama. You present the facts and narrate it to the viewer. Very good technique.
the series writer, narrator & producer

Scott Onstott

Scott has taught thousands of students in person and millions online in his career. Scott enjoys opening minds to new perspectives. He looks forward to sharing his love of sacred geometry with all participants for the purpose of personal development.
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