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The illustrations have a mysterious beauty that invites contemplation, philosophical inquiry and meditation; they will inspire you to perceive parallels between the universe outside of you and the universe within.
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What this m-Book is about

This awe-inspiring treasury features 66 full-color illustrations by the creator of the Secrets In Plain Sight video series. You will enjoy Onstott's discoveries connecting everything from the cell to the human body, ancient temples, sacred sites, modern architecture, the Nile, art, math, physics, sport, religion, non-duality, the Sun and the planets, the star Sirius and the distance to the center of our galaxy. A third of the illustrations feature the metrological wonders encoded in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Insightful words compliment art

Onstott's technical mastery combined with his skill in pattern recognition comes across in the many educational and thought-provoking illustrations and infographics included here.

Anyone with an appreciation for imaginative visual storytelling will treasure this volume's illustrations and written descriptions.

The book is designed to be appreciated a page at a time, in no particular order.
This book of illustrations documents my continuing efforts to understand the universe and our place in it and at the same time is an attempt to understand the self and the universe within. I experienced a creative outpouring in the first 3 months of 2014 and the overwhelming majority of these illustrations are from that period. However, I was also inspired to include a few illustrations I made from as far back as 3 years ago to round out the collection.

More than a third of the illustrations are of the Great Pyramid—its geometry and location are fascinating! I’ve made a number of unusual comparisons between ancient and modern structures, sacred sites, the Earth, Moon, Sun, the human body and much more besides.

Many of the illustrations reveal uncanny connections that will probably get you wondering and contemplating. I hope that some of these might catalyze you into doing your own research, asking philosophical questions, and examining your own experience. Never before has humanity had such opportunity at our fingertips as we now enjoy with the Internet. I designed this book so that illustrations logically flow in linear order, but feel free to jump around and examine any page that you happen to come to and see where it takes you. Many of my best discoveries have been made by following trails of synchronicity. —Scott Onstott

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  • Author: Scott Onstott
  • Level: Everyone
  • 66 videos
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People love it 

Like a mathematical Sherlock Holmes, Scott Onstott continues to unveil the Hidden Numeric Codes that construct our World.
—Mark Gray
Many of us have become intuitively awake to nature’s Grand Pattern of order and proportion. Scott’s great contribution reveals this pattern in an explicit and beautiful way. He singlehandedly has mined gold from behind the veil and his contribution to the renaissance of philosophical geometry is simply awe inspiring.
—Geoff Fitzpatrick
A very interesting collection of forms, shapes and numbers representing windows on the hitherto unknown but very intriguing intangible realms of our surrounding reality.
—Bert Janssen
Scott Onstott continues to impress and inspire. His insights are unique and profound, balanced by his humility and grace, and grounded in undeniable mathematical correspondences. Not only does he present what could easily be dense topics in an easy to understand manner, in doing so, he cuts to the core of his message. The ‘hidden order of the universe’ is a playful mystery that seemingly wants to be found, for, if it is hiding, it is doing so ‘in plain sight’. Looking through the geometrical and mathematical lens Onstott applies to the world, a kaleidoscope of wonder opens before us. His use of example and straight-forward approach make the infinite seem within reach, yet he also frees the science from being dry or stuffy by presenting all of this with a level of beauty and artistry that is rarely attempted, let alone accomplished.
—Alan Abbadessa-Green

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Meet the author

Scott Onstott

Scott Onstott has taught thousands of students in person and millions online in his career. Scott enjoys teaching all levels and all ages. He looks forward to sharing his love of sacred geometry with all participants for the purpose of personal development.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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