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JUNE 20-24, 2022

Module Format

This is a FREE virtual online Summit. One module will take place each day for 5 consecutive days. Each 90-minute module will comprise a 60-minute conversation and presentation, followed with a 30-minute Q&A. We invite you to ask questions and speak with our guests.


In these 5 conversations with Sacred Geometry Luminaries, we will explore how Sacred Geometry connects you with a higher order of intelligence. Discover the reassuring feeling of being held by a beautiful benevolent principle. Learn about a pattern of order embedded in the creative principle that makes you feel held, supported, at ease, peaceful and content.
At Sacred Geometry Academy our passion is built on the Shoulders of Giants. Bringing together 5 genius authors whose writings have had a sublime influence on us is a super exciting event to organise!

Who Is This For?

Sacred Geometry Fans
Artists and Creators, Philosophers and Thinkers, Psychonauts and Consciousness Explorers
Anyone with an Intuition that There Is More to Reality than Our Five-Senses Tell Us

The Speakers

Our special guests are truly inspirational teachers for us all. Their combined work is a treasure trove of deep wisdom that opens you up to seeing the world in a whole new way.
For over 2 decades we have been obsessed with Sacred Geometry. Running workshops, writing books, making mandalas, creating art, and deeply meditating upon Sacred Geometry has ignited our spark to share the Truth, Beauty, and Bliss this world holds for you. This is the reason we created Sacred Geometry Academy. This is what people are saying...
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What Makes This Summit Unique

All our guests are Senior Wisdom Teachers. These authors have dedicated decades to the study of Sacred Geometry in their own way, presenting original findings not found elsewhere. The collective wisdom embodied in the Sacred Geometry Summit Panel cannot be found elsewhere and has never been presented on the web in this way. Their ideas are original, inspirational, outstanding insights into the nature of reality.
"Geometry is knowledge of the eternally existent." -Pythagoras

Why Attend Now

Our world is in a perilous place right now. Beside War and Pandemic, distraction brought on by dependence on modern technology has disconnected us from each other and ourselves. Sacred Geometry invites us to reconnect with who we are at a deeper level.
Sacred Geometry opens us to feeling connected to a world embedded with Beauty, Truth, and Goodness.
Sacred Geometry allows you see patterns of order inside and out.
This enables the realization of the reassuring truth of belonging to a beautiful, interconnected world.
"The squaring of the circle is a stage on the way to the unconscious, a point of transition leading to a goal lying as yet unformulated beyond it. It is one of those paths to the centre." -Carl Jung

Module by Module

Module 1: SCOTT ONSTOTT - Sacred Geometry Academy co-founder.

Title: Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Worldview

To start us off we present our very own “Scholar in Residence”. Scott has been researching Sacred Geometry for almost 3 decades. He has a prolific creative output and has written many books and created the video series Secrets in Plain Sight. Scott’s new book however distills his life’s work down into an entire world view. He methodically has crystallised an entire philosophy that outlines how Sacred Geometry is an excellent vehicle for the exploration of consciousness. We will discuss his book in detail and invite questions and answers.

In module 1 we will explore:
Scott’s new book: Sacred Geometry: Philosophy & Worldview
Platonic/Vedic Transcendentals:  Truth, Beauty & Bliss
The Transformational Potential of Sacred Geometry (free course)

Module 2: JOHN MARTINEAU - graduated in philosophy from Bristol university and spent a few years in the early computer games industry before completing a master’s degree at the prince’s school of traditional arts.

Title: Coincidence, Geometry of the Solar System, Gravitation, Optics, and Ice Halos

John’s project at the school was focused on geometry and harmony in the solar system, and culminated in his Book of Coincidence, which he published under a new imprint, Wooden Books (for which fellow student Mark Mills designed the logo). After leaving the school he developed Wooden Books further. He brought together many of the school’s alumni and friends – Mark Mills (MA 1996), Daud Sutton (MA 1998), Richard Henry (MA 2001), Adam Tetlow (MA 2003), Lisa DeLong (PhD 2007), Jonathon Horning, John Michell, and Professor Scott Olson – to help build a series of richly-illustrated and fascinating books exploring the age-old themes of nature, pattern, cosmos, design, and geometry that he studied at the Prince’s School. 

Wooden Books now lists more than 60 titles, with 2.5 million printed copies in 25 languages; in 2007, it won Best Non-Fiction Series at the New York Book Show.

In module 2 we will explore:
Sacred Geometry in the Solar System
The Anthropic Principle

Module 3: MADHU KHANNA - well known scholar and professor of Indic studies, she has written extensively on the art of Tantra. 

Title: Sri Yantra - The Tantric Symbol of Cosmic Unity

Described by the Sunday Times Magazine, London, as 'the respectable public face of modern Tantra', she is the founding member and Chairperson of The Tantra Foundation, New Delhi and the Centre for Indic and Agamic Studies in Asia (CIASA), the academic wing of the Tantra Foundation.

At present, she is Tagore National Fellow at the National Museum, New Delhi. Her books include: The Subtle Body – An Illuminated Tantric Scroll; Yantra: The Tantric Symbol of Cosmic Unity and The Tantric Way – Art, Science & Ritual.

In module 3 we will explore:
The Sri Yantra
The Path of Evolution / The Path of Involution
The Anthropic Principle

Module 4: MICHAEL S. SCHNEIDER - educator for over four decades (since 1974). He delights in exploring the intersections of nature, science, mathematics, and art.

Title: The Universe Might Be a Mystery, but it is No Secret!

Michael has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, (now The Polytechnic Institute of NYU) and a Master's Degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Florida (Gainesville). He taught youngsters for twelve years in public and private schools at the Middle School and Elementary school levels. 

In 1977, Michael was a Fulbright-Hayes Scholar in India studying ancient mathematics and sciences. He has been a computer consultant at the United Nations, IBM, Nickelodeon, MTV, NYTimes and many other corporations. He has worked for the New York Academy of Sciences, and wrote articles, posters and teachers' editions for various Scholastic magazines including Science World, SuperScience, DynaMath, and Teaching and Computers magazines. Michael was the creator and writer of the weekly "Mother Nature" segment at WNYC-FM radio on the popular live broadcast "Kids America" program (1986-87). 

He's also held workshops for educators at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York through their Education Department including "Science in the Art Museum", "The Mathematics of Islamic Art" and "Showing Children Harmony." In 1993 Michael worked with master stone carver Simon Verity to design the geometry harmonizing the statues on the south side of the "Portal of Paradise" (central entrance) to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. During 1996-97 Michael was the Dean of Mathematics and Dean of Science at The Ross School in East Hampton, NY. He presently lives in northern California.

Michael is the author of "A Beginner's Guide To Constructing The Universe: The Mathematical Archetypes Of Nature, Art and Science" (HarperPerennial paperback 1995), six "Constructing The Universe Activity Books" and numerous articles concerning mathematics and teaching mathematics through nature, art science and philosophy.

In module 4 we will explore:
Michael’s book - A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe
The Cosmological Circle / New Jerusalem Diagram
Nature as Teacher

Module 5: ROBIN HEATH - independent researcher into ancient wisdom, specialising in archaeoastronomy and megalithic culture. 

Title: The Sacred Cannon of Number

Robin Heath was an industrial engineer and a senior lecturer in electronics and maths, prior to changing his career to that of exploring our megalithic culture. Since then, for over thirty five years, and through eleven published works, his research has shown the establishment's view of Neolithic astronomers to be incorrect, and has confirmed the views of both Professor Alexander Thom ('In terms of their thinking ability, I think they were my superiors')  and the cosmologist Professor Fred Hoyle, ('the megalith builders were meticulous observers of the night sky, calculated using numbers, and communicated sophisticated astronomical knowledge from generation to generation').

Robin has brought to light previously unknown geometrical connections between individual monuments across large landscapes, and recovered the measurement systems and geodetic techniques that suggest how this was achieved. Through presentations, interactive tours, media appearances and his published works, Robin continues to reveal the prehistoric 'megalithic science' that has often been assumed absent or otherwise neglected by mainstream archaeology. 

In module 5 we will explore:
Robin’s book - The Lost Science of Measuring the Earth
Alignments & Ancient Architecture
The Sacred Canon

Extra Bonus

Our second free course: The Transformational Potential of Sacred Geometry

Watch the three videos in this free miniseries and discover how sacred geometry can change your life!
"Mighty is geometry; joined with art, irresistible.” -Euripides
Geoff Fitzpatrick
Dublin, Ireland

Geoff was introduced to Mandalas whilst studying the pioneering work of Carl G Jung and has spent the past 20 years exploring the intersection of geometry, spirituality and psychology through these symbols.

Working with Mandalas has opened Geoff to the profound power Sacred Geometry possesses to influence states of consciousness.

The construction of sacred sand mandalas during Geoff’s Mandalanature© sessions opens people to a deeper aspect of themselves by blending creativity, geometry, and mindfulness in a unique and special way.

In addition to his studies at Trinity College and the Milltown Institute, Geoff has trained with Dr. Stanislav Grof MD, learning a psycho-therapeutic technique called Holotropic Breathwork. Dr. Grof’s cartography of the psyche informs the Manalanature model. Geoff combines his love of Mandalas, Consciousness, and Sacred Geometry to form a unique offering.
Scott Onstott
Victoria, Canada

Scott has taught thousands of students in person and millions online in his career. These experiences, combined with co-hosting multi-day workshops and full-day intensives where he guides participants to alternately concentrate, contemplate, and meditate, plus engaging sharing circles—gave him a deep appreciation for the fact that each person can best be reached by intentionally varying modes of attention.

From these transpersonal experiences, and his experience in building the courseware at SGA, the idea for multidimensional books arose.
In 2010 Scott wrote, narrated, and single handedly produced an online documentary passion-project series called Secrets in Plain Sight, which explores patterns in art, architecture, urban design & the cosmos. This was well received by millions around the world and continues to be enjoyed as an esoteric classic on Gaia and YouTube.

Since then, he has written and beautifully illustrated eight thought-provoking books, including Sacred Geometry: Philosophy & Worldview.

Watch the sessions in this
pre-recorded free course:

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