Experiencing the Sacredness of Geometry

The most effective way to personally experience the sacred quality of geometry is to be guided to draw its forms by hand, with pencil on paper using the traditional instruments of straightedge & drafting compass.

The digital method is more accurate and convenient, but it is far too easy to get lost in its many layers of abstraction, which successively obscure the conscious experiencing of geometry itself.

We recommend embracing the analog method, beautiful in its anachronism—like black and white film photography is in today’s digital world. There really is nothing more effective than using the time-tested tools of compass & straightedge to experience sacred geometry yourself.

There is something special about using your whole body to draw, coordinating eye, hand, arm, shoulder & core.

When you draw by hand, the precision of your drawing is constrained by the sharpness of your pencil, the paper’s tooth, the steadiness, angle and pressure of your hands, the lighting in the room, your visual acuity and many other factors.

Each line or arc lays down a cascade of graphite penetrating into the paper’s surface, restructuring its cellulose; each arc leaves a tiny hole where the point of the compass once stood. Faint construction lines, indentations, erasures and so on give us clues about the process in which handmade drawings were drawn.

Mistakes are part of the process and are nothing to be afraid of, but they sometimes mean you have to start over and draw again. The drawing board is like a stage—each performance is unique. Like performance art, drawings made on the drawing board have a precious, never-to-be-repeated quality.

There is no more immediate way to experience the sacredness of geometry than to draw by hand. Immersing yourself in this beautiful ancient tradition is definitely not to be missed!
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Sacred Geometry Archetypes

Sacred geometry has no shortage of fascinating geometric designs and patterns to draw from. Its many archetypes include but are not limited to the following:
  • Regular polygons (2D) from equilateral triangle to nine-sided on up to 15 sided polygons
  • Regular polyhedra (3D): dodecahedron, icosahedron, octahedron, cube & tetrahedron
  • The seed of life, flower of life & fruit of life
  • Various geometric shapes (2D) and geometric forms (3D)Platonic solids & Archimedean solids
  • Metatron’s cube, Metatron’s Tesseract or Hypercube
  • The golden ratio, the golden triangle, the golden rectangle & golden spiral
  • The architecture of the human body and its energy centers (chakras)
  • Various sacred geometric patterns, tile patterns, Islamic tile patterns
  • Building blocks of the physical universe in the form of probabilistic electron orbital shells
  • Solving ancient problems—squaring the circle, trisecting an angle and doubling the cube
  • Leonardo da Vinci’s masterful structuring of his paintings using underlying geometry 
  • The Fibonacci sequence (real world) and its relationship to the golden ratio (ideal world)
  • Sacred architecture imbued with the qualities of pure geometry
  • The Star of David and its relationship to Metatron’s cube and the tesseract or hypercube
  • The Sri Yantra’s 9 triangles and their intersecting 43 smaller triangles
  • The Chartres Labyrinths as metaphor for the journey of the soul beginning in the womb
  • The geometry and metrology of the Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Proportions of Moon & Earth as encoded in sacred geometry diagrams
  • The 3-4-5 and 5-12-13 Pythagorean triangles and their amazing connections to the Earth
  • Long distance great circle alignments between sacred sites and point-to-point distances
  • Numerical coincidence and synchronicity in the metrology of sacred architecture
  • Golden ratios and sacred geometry of corporate logos used by designers to engage
We can guide you deepen your understanding of Sacred Geometry by experiencing how this universal language can radically expand your worldview and connect you with the source of being. Sacred Geometry appeals to both our left and right brain hemispheres simultaneously.
We all have a desire to know and comprehend the inner logic that sacred geometry embodies. Additionally—and equal in importance—is the inner phenomenology that is evoked by contemplating and meditating on the qualities of geometry. 

Sacred Geometry in Motion

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Our students love us

I am currently in the middle of a sacred geometry course. It is taught by a master geometer named Scott Onstott. It is amazing! I am using a compass and straightedge and I am learning so much about structure and shape and deeper philosophical meanings of individual numbers. I can't recommend it enough. Do it! You will love it.
What a mind-blowingly awesome course! Even just watching you draw these sacred pictures with the app, I found it deeply moving and awe inspiring really. I didn't really know anything concrete about the subject which is why I took the course and your lovely soothing voice, pitch and delivery was first class. Many kind thanks again.
Exploring an ancient wisdom through sacred geometry, a truly wonderful way to spend your time and energy. These experiences are an incredible reminder of the sense of power in community and the ripple effect of positivity that can create in the world.

Sacred Geometry Courses

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