Premium Courses

Are you drawn to sacred geometry or just curious about its mysterious qualities? 

Level up your knowledge and gain personal experience in our top-notch courses...
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Live & Video

Live group shared experiences and more than 15 hours of pre-recorded instructional video can be enjoyed so far in our premium courses. The diversity of our offerings is going to expand in time!

Brilliant Students

One of the things that makes SGA great is meeting other like-minded seekers of wisdom. The inspiration you have to join us is a self-selection process, which typically results in deep resonance with others in our premium courses.

Community App

Students who purchase premium courses have access to our online Community feature for 1 year, which people really love because it allows you to post, share, and develop personal dialogues not only with your teachers, but also with your fellow students.

Knowhow & Tools

In addition to the essential experiential qualities of our workshops, we offer deep sacred geometry knowhow in our Constructions course and a drawing program for Mac & Windows computers in Q, which is named for the qualia of experience.
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Community Web App

Connecting with others who are excited about sacred geometry can be very engaging & personally rewarding. Some say this is one of the best features of Sacred Geometry Academy!  Those enrolled in at least one paid course can access our Community web app.

Our Premium Courses Take You to the Next Level!

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