Live Workshops
& Intensive Events

Our live workshops are (8) 90-minute live online experiences which take place twice per week (1 weekday + 1 weekend day) over the course of an entire month.

Our intensive events are live online experiences held on a single Saturday which pack a lot in two 3-hour sessions with a 2-hour break in between (8-hours in total).
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Live Workshops

There is nothing quite like being there live for our 8-module workshops. We conduct our live workshops through our course interface, which facilitates all manner of content to be experienced, including live meetings, livestreaming audio/video, slideshows, real-time interfaces, and more cutting-edge tech.

Brilliant Students

One of the things that makes SGA great is meeting other like-minded seekers of wisdom. The inspiration you have to join us is a self-selection process, which typically results in deep resonance with others in our premium courses.

Community App

Students who enroll in live workshops & intensive events have access to our online Community feature for 1 year, which people really love because it allows you to post, share, and develop personal dialogues not only with your teachers, but also with your fellow students.

Intensive Events

As the name suggests, a full day of experiencing sacred geometry can be intense, and intensely gratifying! Level up your relationship with sacred geometry and inner journeying by participating in a single-day live online event. This makes scheduling far easier than committing to an 8-module course spanning a month.
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Join Our Community

Connecting with others who are excited about sacred geometry can be very engaging & personally rewarding. Some say this is one of the best features of Sacred Geometry Academy!  Those enrolled in at least one paid course can access the Sacred Geometry Academy Community.

Our Live Workshops & Intensives Might Be Just Your Ticket!

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