Discovering the Divine Through Geometry

This essay explores the unified consciousness framework of Reality Atlas, which synthesizes principles from philosophical and spiritual traditions in a new way, and investigates how geometry serves as a bridge to understanding the nature of reality. By engaging with sacred geometry and the geometric patterns found in nature, individuals can connect with unitive consciousness, transcend limitations of the rational mind, and experience the interconnectedness of all things.
Scott Onstott
35-45 min read

Ponder consciousness and the nature of reality in this fascinating, easily digestible essay

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the unified consciousness framework and its philosophical underpinnings

  • Learn about the importance of geometry as a universal language for connecting with the divine

  • Explore the role of sacred geometry in spiritual practices and personal transformation

"Geometry is one and eternal, a reflection from the mind of God."
4th-century BCE Greek philosopher
"Geometry is the archetype of the beauty of the world."
Johannes Kepler
17th-century mathematician and astronomer

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Introduce the philosophical framework that integrates aspects of various philosophies and spiritual traditions from the past in a new light. Explore the role of geometry as an accessible and intuitive bridge to understanding the unitive consciousness.


The Foundations of the Unified Consciousness Framework

In this section, we'll delve into partial truths integrated into the framework, which include Advaita Vedanta, subjective idealism, pantheism, and ontological mathematics. 


Geometry as the Universal Language of Unitive Consciousness

Geometry, with its visually rich and intuitive nature, provides an accessible and engaging bridge to understanding unitive consciousness that pervades the universe.


Sacred Geometry and Spiritual Practices

Sacred geometry is the study of geometric patterns, forms, and structures imbued with spiritual significance. It is an ancient discipline that has been embraced by various cultures and spiritual traditions around the world.


Transcending the Limitations of the Reasoning Mind Through Geometry

The potential of geometry to help individuals transcend the limitations of their reasoning capacity lies in its ability to convey complex ideas and concepts through visual and intuitive means.


Geometry in Nature and the Self-Referential Nature of the Universe

Geometry is not only a human construct but can also be observed throughout the natural world, revealing the intricate connections between various aspects of existence and the divine intelligence underlying reality.


Comparing the Unified Consciousness Framework with Panentheism

Panentheism is a philosophical and theological concept that posits that the divine or ultimate reality is both immanent and transcendent. In other words, the divine is present and active within the world, but also extends beyond the world and encompasses it.


Comparing the Unified Consciousness Framework with Panpsychism

Panpsychism is a philosophical and scientific theory that suggests that consciousness or mind is a fundamental and pervasive feature of the universe and is present in all matter.


Comparing the Unified Consciousness Framework with Physicalism

Physicalism is a philosophical and scientific view that suggests that the physical, material world is the only reality, and that all mental and subjective experiences can be explained in terms of physical processes.



This framework posits that there is only one unitive consciousness, which manifests itself as the entire universe and is intrinsically interconnected with all aspects of existence. Geometry, as the universal language of this unitive consciousness, serves as a bridge to understanding the divine nature of reality and facilitates a deeper connection with the underlying unity that pervades all things.

Discover the divine through geometry!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with unitive consciousness, transcend limitations of the rational mind, and experience the interconnectedness of all things.
Scott Onstott
35-45 min read
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